eltwopee.com is now live

Posted by Orlando | Posted in News | Posted on 06-08-2009

Welcome to my brand new site.  Some of you may be familiar with my old site (yellowhorse.net) but I have decided to take my blog in a whole new direction.  What is eltwopee you may be asking yourself?  eltwopee is a spelled out version of the acronym “L2P”.  L2P in the gaming world stands for Learn to Play, which is usually an insult to someone who is terrible at the game.

I plan on updating my blog daily with news, thoughts, epiphanies, music, videos, pictures, and any other updates that I would like to share with my friends.  This is my answer to not joining facebook so please stop asking me to join =p

The site is still under heavy design changes but I hope to get everything 100% very soon.

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